Hi. I’m Kevin Scott.

I’m a designer and developer — some would say desingineer — based out of Brooklyn, NY.

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  • Designer: "A person who designs user interactions and experiences."
  • Developer: "A person who builds and writes software."
  • Desingineer: "A person who does both."

I’m always interested in hearing about new opportunities! Contact me here. There’s three things I feel distinguish me from the rest.

Bridging Design & Development

Good design is a necessity in order to stand out in today’s world. It’s imperative that a user be able to understand your application immediately; if not, you’ve already lost.

Paired with a constantly evolving technology landscape, replete with new languages, frameworks, and services emerging every day, it’s more important than ever that designers possess a keen understanding of available technologies and their limitations, and that developers have an equally astute grasp on what designers need to do their best work.

With a background in both disciplines, I am intimately familiar with the unique challenges of life as a developer and as a designer, from the iterative requirements of a design process to the need for a stable and robustly tested codebase. I take pride in producing work that is flexible enough to adapt to changing requirements as the product evolves; that is performant and on the cutting edge of new technologies; and that considers design choices against technical tradeoffs.

With one foot firmly in both camps, I’m capable of bringing this multidisciplinary perspective to your business.

Delivery & Communication

Working with bad communicators is frustrating at the best of times; it’s downright impossible if you’re working remotely.

You need to work with people who are communicative and can hit delivery dates. You need to know how things are progressing to avoid surprises that catch you off guard. And you need people who can translate technical specs into English, letting you focus on making the right decisions for your business.

I’ve worked remotely as both a fulltimer and a consultant, and I’ve managed two teams, one team face-to-face and one entirely remote. I’ve worked with small nascent startups to large corporations. I’ve been a designer working with a team of developers and a developer working with a team of designers.

I consider clear and timely communication an essential part of everything that I do.


Above all else, I care deeply about my work: everything from the quality of the code I write to my interactions with clients. Don’t take my word for it; hear what my clients have to say.

  • Over the past 3½ years that Kevin has worked for me at Compose(d), his ability to think creatively about how to solve any problem, or project that’s presented to us has been a key part in coming up with solutions for high-profile clients of ours (clients which include brands such as TEEN VOGUE and Clinique), and in doing so has been integral to keeping, and growing the business for us.

    In fact, I recently had one such client of ours say that "Even if you guys have never done it before, I know that you’ll be able to figure out how to do it, and how to do it right", much of which we can attribute to Kevin, and the track record that he has built for out company.Jason Parkin, CEO, Compose(d)
  • In addition to his technical capabilities, he has been a continual advocate for the end-user. With continual feedback from Kevin, we have been able to vastly improve our product by placing a primary emphasis on satisfying the end-user.

    The fact that I cannot point to the specific code or describe what he has done speaks volumes of how adeptly Kevin handles his work. Our conversations never revolve around PHP, HTML, JavaScript, or any of the other languages he speaks fluently. Rather, he acknowledges his audience and communicates at an appropriate level. I find this ability to speak clearly to his audience, whether it is manifested to the end-user through a clever graphic interface or to his client over email, a very rare trait in his field.Rob Maday, CEO, Landscape Resource
  • In the end, though, I've got to come back to Kevin's generosity of spirit—given all his talent, that's what truly separates him apart from the pack, and what makes him such a valuable addition to any team, or program. I've lived most of the past 20 years in the the entrepreneurial world, and before that I covered professional sports, and I've learned a lot about winning teams, and along the way I've learned that there are just some guys who make teams better, who make other people better, who make their teammates want to play/work harder in good times or bad. And Kevin's one of those, too rare, guys.Douglas Alden

I spend my free time doing this stuff; it’s what drives and inspires me. I love what I do.